Philanthropy Breakfast : How can the Next Generation engage in philanthropy ?

March 2020

After a breakfast in the room “Les Salons” at the Palais Athénée and an introduction by M. Etienne Eichenberger, a short discussion was led by M. Martial Paris, with the testimony of Lia Ojjeh Martin, we covered together the challenges but also the different ways to engage.

Among others the following issues where adressed : Climate change, social inequalities, loneliness, health emergencies… Never before have young people been so informed and confronted with the challenges of our planet. They have never seemed to be so conscious, mobilized and committed to taking part in the betterment of the world.

However, faced with these important issues, questions arise for this young generation: How to link the aspirations and desires of each with a useful cause? With what impact, today and now? How can we bring our stone to the building if we are in a family committed to philanthropy? How can I talk about it as a family?

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