Philanthropy Breakfast : Family Governance and leadership across generations – The role philanthropy can play

November 2019

After a breakfast in the room “Les Salons” at the Palais Athénée and an introduction by M. Etienne Eichenberger, a short discussion was led by M. Denis Jaffe, one of the leading architects of the field of family enterprise consulting in the USA.  

He helps multi-generational families develop governance practices that build the capability of next generation leadership and ensure ongoing capability of financial organizations and family offices to serve their family clients. He has pointed out the do’s and don’ts of transgenerational dialogue, and the ways in which the next generation engages today. 

If you want to know more how you can engage in philanthropy as a family, please contact Etienne Eichenberger +41 (0)22 3217737 or 

You can also watch the video with highlights of the breakfast.