Interview with Etienne Eichenberger in the 3D ECO program, Léman bleu

February 2021

An avalanche of donations, new initiatives, corporate mobilization, philanthropy has experienced unprecedented growth in recent months. How to explain this outpouring of solidarity and how is the new generation getting involved today ?

To answer it, Etienne Eichenberger was one of the guests of the last 3D ECO show broadcast on February 21, 2021 on Leman bleu.

“We are facing a new generation that is mobilizing by donating time, money and talent”

The opportunity to return in particular to the mobilization and responsiveness of the philanthropic sector during the pandemic but also to the place occupied by the new generation of philanthropists, keen to engage with impact and to make a difference.

Etienne Eichenberger in particular insisted on the importance of listening to what drives young people today in order to better support them in philanthropy. Following a recent study carried out in collaboration with the Banque de Luxembourg, we note in particular that the new generation wishes, in addition to its financial resources, to put its skills at the service of philanthropy.

To support them in this adventure, WISE philanthropy advisors annually organizes the “Philanthropy Next Gen Boot Camp”, a training course reserved for young family members of philanthropists who wish, in an open but confidential space, to be inspired, reflect, exchange and build their own commitments in connection with history or family values.

To find out more, we invite you to consult the dedicated page: Next Gen