Young Talent Program: Arrival of Lucie Gillioz at Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and WISE philanthropy advisors

October 2021

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and WISE philanthropy advisors jointly launched the Young Talent Program in September 2021. This 9-month immersion is aimed at young graduates who wish to discover the philanthropy sector, giving the opportunity to acquire different professional skills in the fields of project management, administrative grantmaking monitoring or communication.

Lucie Gillioz is the first Young Talent, arrived in September, she holds the position of Junior Project Coordinator at Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and WISE philanthropy advisors.

What did you know about the world of philanthropy?

LG: I have always had an interest in the world of philanthropy. In college already, I joined a student association where I had the opportunity to carry out great projects that have made it possible to donate funds to associations. For me, philanthropy was characterized by a feeling of beneficence: it is therefore found both in helping others by connecting donors and organizations or by raising funds and by directly participating in projects on the ground.

What attracted you to this Program?

LG: At the end of my university studies, I wanted to discover the world of philanthropy from a different perspective. Until then, I’d had the opportunity to discover philanthropy through extracurricular activities, while this Programme provides me with a professional perspective. The wide variety of tasks indicated was also very attractive, since it coincided with my professional development objective upon leaving my studies.

What do you hope to get out of the Program?

LG: The Program is very interesting in that it aims to train Young Talent in a holistic way. It seems to me to be the ideal first professional experience to start in the field of philanthropy, since it allows you to discover it from many different aspects. I hope to come away with in-depth knowledge of the sector allowing me to continue on this path.